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Apartment 219m for sale in Joulz Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

Reference: NS 47543
EGP 5,929,000
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EGP 5,929,000

Apartment 219m for sale in Joulz Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

NS 47543
EGP 5,929,000 Installment
Price / Sqm:
EGP 27,073 Per Sqm
Finishing Status:
Semi Finished
219 sqm
Floor No.:
Delivery In:
Tue 28 Mar 2023
About Joulz Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

Apartment 3 Bedrooms for Sale in Joulz - Cairo Alexandria Desert Road By Inertia Egypt - Delivery Year 2024

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Inertia Egypt Develops Innovative Energy Solution with Compound Joulz

Inertia Egypt, a leading real estate developer in the Egyptian market, has launched a new project that combines sustainable living with cutting-edge technology. The project, named Joulz, is a compound located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and features a range of residential units and amenities that are powered by a unique energy system based on solar energy and smart grid technology.

Compound Joulz is designed to provide residents with a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle, while also reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs. The compound is spread over 110 acres of landscaped greenery and includes more than 2,000 units of apartments, townhouses, and villas, as well as retail and commercial spaces, community centers, and sports facilities.

What makes Joulz stand out is its integrated energy management system, which is based on a central power station that generates electricity from photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on the rooftops of the buildings. The PV panels are connected to a smart grid that monitors and controls the energy flow, and optimizes the usage and storage of electricity according to the needs and preferences of the users.

This means that Joulz residents can enjoy reliable and renewable energy that is always available and configurable, without depending on the national grid or fossil fuel sources. Moreover, the energy system is designed to reduce waste and emissions, thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

Inertia Egypt has partnered with top experts and suppliers in the field of energy and sustainability to develop and implement the Joulz project. The company has also applied its expertise in real estate development and customer service to ensure that Joulz meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and convenience.

"Joulz is not just a residential compound, it's a concept that reflects our vision and commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction," said Ahmed El Hitamy, CEO of Inertia Egypt. "We believe that Joulz represents a new era in real estate development that integrates smart energy solutions with modern and stylish living spaces, and creates a community that is engaged, active, and aware of its impact on the environment."

Joulz has already attracted a lot of attention and interest from potential buyers and investors, who appreciate the value and benefits of such a unique project. Inertia Egypt expects Joulz to become a flagship for future developments and a model for sustainable living in Egypt and beyond.

Compound Joulz is a shining example of how real estate developers can take a leadership role in promoting and implementing sustainable solutions that benefit everyone. It demonstrates that innovation, creativity, and passion can drive positive change and create a better future for us all.


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