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Twin Houses 4 bedrooms for sale in Casa Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

Reference: NS 33154
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Twin Houses 4 bedrooms for sale in Casa Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

NS 33154
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Finishing Status:
Semi Finished
Plot Area:
275 sqm
Sat 25 Mar 2023
About Casa Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

4 Bedrooms Twin Houses for Sale in Casa Cairo Alexandria Desert Road

Access to up-to-date information about specific compounds or real estate properties. However, I can provide general information about compounds in Egypt.

Compounds in Egypt are gated communities that offer a variety of amenities and services to residents, such as security, landscaping, swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas. They are popular among expats and affluent Egyptians who seek a high standard of living and a safe environment for their families.

The location of a compound is an important factor in its appeal. Some compounds are located in the suburbs of Cairo or other major cities, while others are situated in more remote areas, such as the desert or the Red Sea coast. The Cairo Alexandria Desert Road compound'>Casa Cairo Alexandria Desert Road compound is likely to be located in the desert area near Alexandria, offering a peaceful and secluded lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Overall, compounds in Egypt are a popular choice for those who value security, privacy, and luxury living. However, it is important to do thorough research and due diligence before investing in a property, as the real estate market in Egypt can be complex and challenging to navigate.


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